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Sometimes, when I get a bunch of new goodies delivered or if I make some and I have no girls or boys (depending on what I have that I want to try), I will put out a model call. It seems that the babies come in spurts- one month I will have 99% boys and the next its all girls. You would think that being a premier Denver newborn photographer I would get a great mix of both, but it is never the case. Anyway, I had a bunch of girl stuff that I was DYING to use so, that is how sweet Lainey ended up in the studio. I did her big sisters newborn portraits a few years ago so I was super excited to meet little Lainey.

She had THE CUSTEST CHEEKS I just wanted to squeeze them! I mean look at them! And that hair! I cant wait to see what she looks like in a few years. I bet she is going to be a beauty! So check out a few of the new goodies I got!!! I think she modeled them quite perfectly dont you?
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Munro……I can’t even tell you how much I was looking forward to meeting him. I mean with a name like that how could you not! He was awesome. His whole family was actually. Mom wanted something a little different for their family photos, so we met in Golden a few weeks after their Denver newborn photography session to do their family shots outside. I just love the variety it added to their Gallery.

The whole lot of them showed up in my studio just outside of Denver and I was absolutely smitten, with all 3 boys. They were so cute- and full of personality. They definately kept me on my toes. I am SO thankful that I had an assistant that day. Mom and Dad were super laid back too so that made the session so much fun. And Munro….talk about a dream baby. This guy let me get though so many set ups and gave me such a variety of images to use in his gallery, it was great.

Here are a few of my favorites.
2017-11-08_0002.jpgThank so much M Family for trusting me with such a special time in your lives!

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This is Mila, she has the most beautiful skin I think I have ever seen on a tiny human. And trust me when I say, that because I am a Denver Newborn Photographer I see a lot of baby skin! She reminded me of one of those procelain dolls.

Mila totally rocked the session too- total dream baby. I got through everything I had set up! It was awesome! You could totally tell too how in love with her mom and dad were. It was so sweet to watch them ohhhh and ahhhh over every little thing she did. I really am so fortunate to be able to be a part of such an important time in my clients lives. It means so much that of all the Denver Newborn Photographer s out there, that my clients choose me. I get so much joy in being able to freeze time and preserve these memories that are so fleeting.

Here are just a few from Mila’s Newborn Photography Session.


Oh- and did I mention that they brought their other child? Yep we allow dogs in the studio! They are part of the family after all! This guy was amazing! He was so well behaved and check out these shots we got!


Thank you so much for allowing me to capture Mila’s first photoshoot!

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Every so often I get a baby that lets me get though all of my set ups and then some. It doesn’t happen often but it did with this guy! When preparing for a Denver newborn photography session I always over prepare. I hardly ever get though everything that I have prepared. But, I would rather have too much planned then not enough. I craft each and every newborn photography session based on a detailed questionnaire that I have my clients fill out prior to their session. It makes each session unique to that family and hopefully I create images that they will cherish for years to come.

Paxton here, was a total dream baby! He slept pretty much the entire session. I could not believe it- I think he woke once and I wrapped him, put him in the flokati and off to sleep he went again. It was awesome! I got through all of my planned set ups and then I even got one that I had been trying to get for a few sessions, but it just didn’t happen. In case you are curious – it is the bucket shot in the collage below – he even treated me to a smile! I mean how much better can it get! I have to say, that Paxton’s Denver Newborn Photography session was one of my favorites to date. Check out a few favorites!


I also should mention that his mom was THE BEST helper a girl could ask for! She was amazing! I may have even offered her a job:)

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This is Isabelle, she was 4 weeks old when she came in for her newborn session. Yes, I recommend that newborn sessions occur within the first 2 weeks of life, but we NEVER EVER turn away older newborns. Some of my favorite sessions have been with older newborns. No they don’t sleep as much and it is more difficult to get them into the squishy poses that  younger newborns fold so easily into, but holy cow- the eye contact and the faces! I wouldn’t trade those for anything. Because I am a Denver Baby Photographer, I get all kinds of clients- from the tiny humans just a few days old all the way to toddlers and older children as well. Newborn Photography though, really has my heart. I love everything about it. I love that I get to create special set ups for each and every client based on a detailed questionnaire that I have them fill out. I love that I get to snuggle and love on the babies (since mine are no longer babies – sniff sniff), and I love that I get to preserve such a fleeting time in their lives. These tiny humans grow so fast that before you know it, they are walking, talking, driving, going to college…..okay maybe Im getting a little ahead of myself but you get the point.

Isabelle’s mom answered a model call that I did for some older newborns. I had just taken a workshop on working with the older newborns and I was dying to try some of the new stuff that I learned. She was a perfect little model. She was awake for the majority of the session, as most older newborns are, so I got some amazing eye contact and facial expressions. And then she fell asleep just long enough to get a couple of detail shots and a wrapped shot. But hey, Ill take it! The faces that this little lady made literally had me laughing so hard my sides were cramping. Wouldn’t you love to know what it is they are thinking when they make some of those faces? Anyway, I had so much fun with her and I am so excited to share some images from her session – hopefully you all will get a chuckle or 2 with her faces.


So Mama’s and Dad’s too, don’t stress out if you didn’t book your newborn photographer prior to birth, bring me your older newborns! (I’ll take the younger ones too of course!)

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