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Colton’s parents were looking for an Arvada newborn Photographer and I am so glad they found me! Baby Colton was just so sweet and adorable. I love chunky babies and this one did not disappoint. He had the best baby rolls. Well, aside from my own son that is. My son, Connor, brought new meaning to the term baby rolls! Colton didn’t sleep much during his session but he was still pretty easy to work with. He was very happy and calm being swaddled and posed into different positions, even when he was awake. I work hard to ensure that my studio is a baby friendly envirionment, from the temperature to the sounds, in order to keep sensative newborns calm and happy.

Baby Colton – Arvada Newborn Photographer

I loved the color scheme we used for this session. Mom loved grey and yellow so I planned most of the session around those colors. I think Colton looks great with that color scheme! Boys can totally rock yellow too, right? We used plenty of greys as well and a classic navy blue. Plus, we had to do some of him naked to show off those amazingly cute baby rolls! I got lots of detail shots of little Colton, from his toes to his rolls to his big blue eyes. I even caught the cutest little yawn.

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The Cooper Family has a special place in my heart. Their youngest kids were my first set of Colorado twins! In fact, they were the first set of twins I ever photographed! At the time, I didn’t realize how much work photographing twins would be. Thankfully, I had an amazing assistant to assure the safety of the babies and help me swaddle and pose them. Check out baby Bridgette and James from their newborn session blog!

Well, now those twins are one! Mom and Dad brought the whole family back to my studio for a one year old and family session! Newborn sessions are hard work and twin newborns are on a whole other level, but photographing one year olds is no walk in the park. Good thing I always love a challenge! If my job were easy, I’d be pretty bored and I really love what I do.

The Twins Are One – Colorado Twins Photos

One of the twins, Bridgette, wanted no part in her one year session. Thankfully my daughter was on hand to entertain her and help out. She did just a great job in getting Bridgette’s attention and getting some cute smiles. Mom and Dad wanted to try and get some outdoor family photos, especially of the older girls, Lorlei and Evelyn. In true Colorado fashion, it was super windy outside and our attempt at outdoor photos was a total fail! Thankfully, the studio was just a short walk away and totally wind free.

I’ve been photographing this family for years now and Evelyn has always been pretty camera shy. This time, she finally let me take her picture after many years of trying! Mom brought the best outfits for the little ones. The family photos are so well coordinated and I just love the striped onesies for the twins! I cannot wait to work with this wonderful family of six again!

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I love this beautiful family! I did big brother Ritchie’s newborn photos a few years ago. Take a look at them here!  I love looking back at older sessions and seeing how much I’ve grown with my Denver baby photography in the last few years. When Krissy told me she was pregnant with their second baby (a girl!) and wanted me to do her newborn photos too, I was super psyched!

Little Ashlyn was such a great sleeper through the whole session. I think she only woke up one time! We were able to get a lot of great photos of her as well as different family combinations. Ritchie was so great with her. I love the photos we got of just the two of them together. It’s already clear that he’s her protector. We got lots of gorgeous family photos too of Ashlyn with her parents and everyone together.

The Kiely Family – Denver Baby Photography

I love working with this amazing family. Ashlyn’s mom and dad are so involved with her and Ritchie is already such a great big brother. I have a very thorough Denver baby photography guide to help parents prepare for their session from what to wear to how to prepare the baby and siblings as well as how the session will run so that they know what to expect. I want my families to be as comfortable and prepared as possible, so that when they come into my studio, they can just relax and enjoy the session. I love it when parents read my preparation guide and follow the instructions, it makes the session go so smoothly. Krissy was so on top of everything and totally prepared when they showed up.

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Sometimes, when I get a bunch of new goodies delivered or if I make some and I have no girls or boys (depending on what I have that I want to try), I will put out a model call. It seems that the babies come in spurts- one month I will have 99% boys and the next its all girls. You would think that being a premier Denver newborn photographer I would get a great mix of both, but it is never the case. Anyway, I had a bunch of girl stuff that I was DYING to use so, that is how sweet Lainey ended up in the studio. I did her big sisters newborn portraits a few years ago so I was super excited to meet little Lainey.

She had THE CUSTEST CHEEKS I just wanted to squeeze them! I mean look at them! And that hair! I cant wait to see what she looks like in a few years. I bet she is going to be a beauty! So check out a few of the new goodies I got!!! I think she modeled them quite perfectly dont you?
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Munro……I can’t even tell you how much I was looking forward to meeting him. I mean with a name like that how could you not! He was awesome. His whole family was actually. Mom wanted something a little different for their family photos, so we met in Golden a few weeks after their Denver newborn photography session to do their family shots outside. I just love the variety it added to their Gallery.

The whole lot of them showed up in my studio just outside of Denver and I was absolutely smitten, with all 3 boys. They were so cute- and full of personality. They definately kept me on my toes. I am SO thankful that I had an assistant that day. Mom and Dad were super laid back too so that made the session so much fun. And Munro….talk about a dream baby. This guy let me get though so many set ups and gave me such a variety of images to use in his gallery, it was great.

Here are a few of my favorites.
2017-11-08_0002.jpgThank so much M Family for trusting me with such a special time in your lives!

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