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Where will my session take place?

That is entirely up to you!  I have a lovely studio nestled in the foothills in Arvada Colorado,  or we can go to one of many beautiful spots that our wonderful State has to offer!  If it is a newborn session- it will take place in my studio.  There are things to take into consideration when choosing where you would like your session to take place!  Contact us today to chat about how we can custom design YOUR perfect session!

What can I do to ensure that my session goes as smoothly as possible?

If you have booked a newborn session with me- you will get a how to prepare booklet prior to your session that will give you all of the information that you need!  For Pregnancy and Family sessions- Relax, be yourself, and have fun!  If you’re a parent, think about the silly songs and games you can sing/play with your child(ren) to get some natural smiles and giggles.  Does your child love Dora?  Bring a favorite book to read together.  Do you play the guitar?  Feel free to serenade us all. It’s extremely important that your babies/children be well-rested at the session. Do not plan a session during or too close to your child’s nap time and if your child happens to change his/her schedule the day of the session please contact me to see if we can alter the time of the session.  Make sure kids are healthy, well-rested, and fed before a session.  Don’t forget that electronics (especially iPhones) are magic and will often elicit natural smiles from babies and young children.  Don’t be afraid to use “potty humor” for kids old enough to get it (any parents should know exactly what I’m talking about).  It’s incredibly effective for getting real smiles!

Fun treats like lollipops or ice cream can look really cute in pictures (usually towards the end of the shoot if it’s messy, though treats often get great smiles out of grumpy children).  Bringing snacks in general is a great idea as hunger can bring out the grumpy in anyone. I’ve learned that marshmallows are a good bribe as they aren’t messy, but things like chocolate and goldfish crackers gets stuck in little teeth and can ruin a good shot.  You can bring props such as balloons, your child’s favorite chair, umbrellas, musical instruments, etc – though it’s not necessary.  Bubbles and hand puppets are a great way to distract kids.  Show off any special talents like walking on your hands, cartwheels, or even fire juggling (I’d love to see that).  Wagons are great for corralling young children into one spot.

There are things that can be photoshopped, and things that can’t be (or will cost you a lot of money :)). During the session remember to take anything out of your pockets that will show up in pictures as awkward lumps (cell phones, wallets, keys etc) and spit out your gum before we start.  Make sure you iron your clothes in advance and if you hate fly-always fix them before the session.  Make sure your nails are how you want them – either painted or all polish removed. If you plan on having your infant/toddler daughter in a dress or skirt please make sure she’s also wearing a diaper cover.  Be sure to relax!  Have fun with your family and lets capture those natural giggles that only the tickle monster can bring out.

What do we wear?

I can tell you my own personal recommendations (and things to stay away from), but the most important thing is that you wear clothes you love and feel attractive in.  Comfortable clothes for kids especially (and husbands) is also recommended.  However, comfort is relative for everyone. Personally, I don’t find most heels comfortable, but love them in pictures and am willing to sacrifice!

Wear something elegant if that is you!  If you’re more casual and don’t even own a tie, don’t go buy one for the pictures.  I think it’s absolutely okay for a girl to wear a dress with heels while her guy wears blue jeans.  Most important…be yourself!

For family and engagement sessions,  I recommend sticking with 2-4 colors.  I do not  recommend that everyone wear plain white shirts or that women or girls wear polo shirts.  I do not recommend that everyone wears the exact same color or same shirt.  You can color coordinate without being too matchy matchy.  Funky scarves, hats, boots, leggings for little girls, polkadots, stripes, tutu’s, etc are always cute additions to an outfit and textured sweaters in the winter look great.  Don’t forget to accessorize!  Colorful jewelry, headbands, and shoes can make an outfit.

Color combos that I like: green/blue/brown, yellow/purple/gray, green/gray/blue, purple/blue/green, red/purple/yellow, orange/blue/purple/brown, purple/turquoise/white.  Neutral colors (like gray) look amazing when a pop of color is added such as a scarf, or if one person is in gray and another has a jewel-toned outfit.  Pinterest is awesome!  If you hop over to my pinterest site– you will see I have a what to wear board.  Some stores I love- Boden, Gymboree, Gap (GapKids, BabyGap etc), Matilda Jane, Etsy has some awesome stuff too!

How far in advance do I need to book my session?

As far ahead of time as you would like!  While I do my best to accommodate everyone, there are certain times of the year that are busier than others (Spring, Fall) so if you would like portraits done during those times, the sooner the better!  That way I can ensure that you get a time that works for you!

What does the session fee cover?

The Session Fee covers the time and talent of the photographer.  Prints and other products are available for purchase.


When is my Session fee due?

The fee is due in full at the time of booking in order to hold your spot.  The session fee is non refundable.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Maine and have lived in Colorado for over 12 years!

Will you bring props to my session?

ABSOLUTELY!  I have a little bit of a problem buying and making props!  If there is something specific you are looking for- ask me if I have it, but if not I can help you find something similar!  I have chairs, buckets, baskets, blankets, hats, wraps, tutus, headbands, stuffed animals etc…..

How long do we have to wait to see our pictures?

I pride myself on a fast turnaround!  I will give you a sneak peak on my blog, within a few days of your session and you can expect a link to your gallery about 10-14 days after your session.

How do we order pictures?

The choice is yours!  You can order directly from your online gallery, or I am happy to meet with you in person and go through your images with you and decide what package or a la carte items best fit your needs.  Many of my clients like to meet if they are ordering storyboards, wall galleries or albums.

Do you offer a payment plan?

YEP!  I know that quality portraits are an investment- I don’t want you to not get exactly what you want because you cant afford it!  I offer many different options for payment.  (Please note that no product will be ordered until the order is paid in full)

I want a wall display but I have no idea where to begin- can you help?

YES!  One of my favorite things to do!  I went to college for Interior Design (bet you didn’t know that did you?) so I am giddy whenever a client asks my advice on designing a canvas cluster or a wall display in their home.  You can even send me a picture of the space from your smart phone and we can design it together.


Don’t see your question here- no worries- shoot me an email and I will get back to you asap!