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Family Photography

Parents- GET IN THE PICTURE!   It is so easy to say “oh let me just get some of the kids, I don’t feel like getting all dressed up today.  Next time”…..then next time turns into the time after and before you know it- there are no pictures of you and your children.  Don’t worry, we are guilty of it too!  This is why you need to hire a professional photographer to take your family pictures.  Family photography could quite possibly be the most important type of portrait session.

It is such an honor each and every time we are asked to take family pictures.  There is nothing better then the bond between a father and daughter, or two sisters telling secrets and giggling!   These are your legacy, when you are gone THIS is what people are going to remember you by.  Your portraits will tell your story! We are so proud to be a part of that.

Family photography sessions are customized for each client.  We do all of our outdoor sessions during what is called the Golden Hour- that hour just before the sun sets and the light has that beautiful glow.    For more information on a family photography session, contact us,  we want to help you preserve your memories!!!